Jewish Community Academy Trust (JCAT) is an ambitious family of schools committed to embracing our Jewish values and identity as well as making a meaningful contribution to the Jewish community and wider society. We are united in learning and in delivering a high quality, nurturing educational environment for all children.

The JCAT family currently consists of:

  • Hertsmere Jewish Primary School

  • Rimon Jewish Primary School

  • Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School

  • Wolfson Hillel Primary School


JCAT is modern and centrist Orthodox in outlook, under the religious authority of the Chief Rabbi. We are committed to providing an immersive Jewish experience and education for all students, tailored to the specific needs of each of our academies.
We are a centre of educational excellence with a focus on maintaining the highest possible ratio of teaching staff to students. Through this method, we take an inclusive approach to enable every child to make the best possible progress.
We are focused on building strong relationships between school, the home and the community – a triangulation which is at the centre of a successful and transformative educational and Jewish environment.