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A Message from our CEO

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Chief Rabbi Mirvis’ stated mission of creating a more engaging, caring, and relevant Judaism infuses the vision of the United Synagogue (US) MAT, JCAT. Ethos is at the heart of JCAT driving everything JCAT does. Pooling resources and sharing best practices, JCAT will ensure that all schools benefit from the highest standard of secular and Jewish education.



JCAT will be modern and centrist Orthodox in outlook, under the religious authority of the Chief Rabbi, providing an immersive Jewish experience and education for all students, tailored to the specific needs of each of its academies. It will be a centre of educational excellence, developing well-rounded students committed to a life of Torah, Jewish values and to the State of Israel, who have a strong commitment to Britain and British values, and who will make a meaningful contribution to the Jewish community, Israel and wider society.

JCAT will create a nurturing cohort of schools that develop and challenge their students to learn and grow academically and religiously. JCAT will prioritise strengthening the triangular relationship of school home community which is at the centre of a successful and transformative integrated educational and Jewish environment.



The vision and ethos of JCAT creates the framework for a holistic and immersive school setting which will:

General Outlook

  • aspire to integrate Jewish values, Jewish education and Israel with school life as a whole and with the secular curriculum

  • be fully committed to a Jewish way of life and the centrality of Torah and Halacha in Jewish life

  • treat both academic excellence and excellence in Jewish Studies as of equal importance for both boys and girls never prioritising one above the other

  • develop students who are passionate about Jewish and secular studies infusing them with a commitment to lifelong learning in both areas

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