A little fall of rain

Over the past few weeks, we have most definitely had more than a little fall of rain. But the drumming rhythm of the rain announcing its presence against our windows has got me thinking. It can rain for what seems like hours at a time, and suddenly, you look out, and there is no trace of a single raindrop, the sadness has passed, like it never happened at all.

The clouds have emptied and rolled on by, and the world around us keeps on evolving. Clouds are a bit like our emotions. Although obviously, we do not move around the skies. We suddenly become totally full, and we cannot go another moment without that explosion of emotion, our very own torrential downpour. The question is, is that a bad thing?

Have you ever been outside just after a storm? If you have not, you should try it sometime. The air is suddenly clear, fresh smelling and light. The ominous dark clouds that loomed previously and the heavy air dispersed a sense of freedom in the air, ready for a fresh start.

Emotions can be shown in many ways, some people laugh hysterically, whilst others retreat and hide themselves away, and for some, the tears just flow and seem never-ending. Any of these outpourings of emotions can be alarming to bystanders. But it's our responsibility to normalise the outpouring of emotion in whatever form it may take. It should be our mission to encourage our children to speak freely about how they are feeling in safe spaces and for all adults to be emotionally available.

Emotions cannot be rushed, emotions, like a storm, need to be given time and patience together with a listening ear.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain!